Water Tank system

But, what happens if you need to serve consumers at different elevations in the same location from a water tank system? Tall buildings, like skyscrapers, can have adequate water pressure on the lower floors, while the higher floors can go up near the surface or even above the virtual dam in the water tank system.

To solve this challenge, many large communities maintain a separate water tank system for each area called pressure zones, each with their own water tower, to serve customers at different elevations within the community.

So if you’re tasked with choosing the size of the water pump you need for your water supply system, what do you do? Maybe you measure the amount of water that the community uses in a given day and select a water pump that can match that flow rate.

So, you can imagine a water supply system as a virtual dam or water body under which we all live, and the water surface in an elevated water tank system represents the surface of the virtual dam. Some have their entire water supply at a higher elevation, minimizing the need to add pressure to the system. And probably the most visible component of a water tank system is the elevated storage tank, also known as a water tower. Imagining a water system this way makes it easy to see the challenge of delivering water to consumers at the right pressure.

Just like in a pool or the ocean, a water distribution system has the same relationship between depth and pressure. Consumers at high elevations will be near the surface of the virtual ocean, having very low water pressure. So, if you are trying to meet your consumer’s water needs using water tank system and pumps, instead of just one, you might need as many as five pumps (or one massive pump that can do the work of 5). Clean water is one of humanity’s most fundamental needs, and those of us who live in urban areas usually get our water from some kind of centralized system.

So, instead of relying on city water pressure, most tall buildings use their own pumps combined with water tanks to provide water to the upper floors. It smooth out the peaks and valleys of water demand not just on your pumps but all your upstream infrastructure, including your water treatment plant and raw water supply. It’s pretty easy to see how storage makes your water tank system more efficient.

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