Need a Booster Pump?

Under what circumstances would a person need a booster pump? A person’s going to need a booster pump when they need boosted water pressure or they need higher flow rate and it could be a variety of applications. Do you have a two-story, four-bathroom house? Are you moving water a significant distance? Is the water you’re drawing from quite a few feet away? Or are you going down into a well supply, for example? All of those items are going to play into which booster pump is best for you.

When we are in a household that doesn’t get enough pressure from the city supply, for example, a booster pump would be a great application to increase pressure and flow through the entire house. It can provide a lot of water and a lot of flow rate at a very low pressure, so if I was just pumping water out of the pump without any kind of restriction, just open out to the front yard, it’s going to provide us with a lot of flow rate. An example of a booster pump installation or application would be in a household where you want to improve pressure, you want to improve flow rates.

Will a pump enhance pressure and or flow rate? A booster pump is boosting pressure, and in many cases, improving the flow rate.

You plug the inlet in and then, the outlet goes back to the plumbing supply, and you always want to have a bypass, just in case something happens or the pump doesn’t work right, that you can bypass the pump and still get water into the house. In this particular instance, we’ve got a booster pump in the basement that is right on the line as it enters the house, and then the outlet of the booster pump improves pressure to the kitchen, to the bathrooms, and the showers.

How do you install such a pump? These pumps need to be installed where you’re going to need to move water from.

They’re typically activated by flow rate or they’re activated by pressure or both and if you’ve got a leak, it’s important to be able to isolate the pump to test it, to make sure the pump’s not the problem, and then you can solve the leak problem.

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