Water pump maintenance: How Often Should You Service & Maintain Pumps?

A well is only useful if you have a durable, high-quality pump to draw water from your well and into your house or business. It is important to ensure proper service and maintenance of your water pump considering its vital role. How do you find the right people to service and maintain your pump?

Maintenance is Crucial. It is imperative that you maintain your water pump routinely like any other system in your home in order to prevent expensive and inconvenient problems. An annual pump maintenance checkup is recommended to ensure all parts are in good working order. In the event that a problem is in the process of developing, the annual maintenance checkup will catch it and resolve it before it becomes too expensive. Additionally, it’s possible that you may have problems with water flow and water pressure. It is possible to resolve both problems through proper maintenance. Water pump maintenance experts can use safe chemicals to dissolve any buildup that’s obstructing water flow, for example, to restore water flow. For low water pressure, however, you can install a constant pressure valve between the pressure tank and the pump so that the flow will be automatically adjusted.

Choose a Pump That Is Tailored to Your Well’s Size, Design, and Function. One pump does not fit all wells, since no two are exactly alike! There are many different types of pumps: pressure systems, submersible pumps, domestic pumps, jet pumps, and variable-frequency drive pumps, to name a few. What do you need for your well? Deep and shallow wells can both be serviced by jet pumps, for example. A shallow well jet pump sits above the ground and is able to draw water from the ground, while a deep well jet pump pulls water from one pipe and pushes it through another. Meanwhile, a deep well submersible pump cannot be seen because its single pipe transports water into the house and connects to a pressure tank.

Hire professionals that are ready to work. It is not necessary to search far to find an experienced team that can help you with all of your water pump needs. With Ed Boreholes and Pumps, you can get superior water pump service and maintenance in Gauteng. By entrusting us with the installation and maintenance of your water pump, you’ll be able to access your water by simply turning on the faucet.

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