Borehole Water South Africa

Do you think a borehole would be useful in a country that is keen to save water? SA residents are striving to save water in the most efficient manner. Boreholes are not cheap, but the long-term benefits are well worth it, especially if you want to have a beautiful green garden, swim in fresh water, and not worry about paying any municipal water bills. You must first determine whether your yard has any water before drilling a borehole. Get a geohydrologist to help you with this. As well as choosing the driller, a pump installer, and checking your municipality’s by-laws, you must take into account other factors. The by-laws of each municipality vary, so it is important to review them before drilling a borehole. In most cases, registering the use of underground water will be required. This water can be used for anything, depending on your intended purpose. In addition, check what water restrictions have been put in place by your local municipality that may have a negative impact on underground water owners

If you invest in a borehole properly at the outset, you are likely to have a high return on your investment for at least ten to fifteen years. The Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa states that if you don’t, you will have a very expensive and time-consuming liability with continual repairs or replacements of pumps, the cause of which may be traced to poor borehole construction or incorrect pumping or pump installation.

Listed below are some advantages of drilling a borehole;

  • Minerals are abundant in underground water. Mineral-rich water is one of the great things about getting water from the ground. To access natural underground water, a borehole is a wonderful solution.
  • The value of your property increases. Having drilled a borehole can simply increase the value of your home by a few thousand Rands.
  • Minimize water consumption from the municipal supply. Drilling a borehole near your home can help reduce the amount of municipal water you use in your area.
  • Municipal water is much more expensive than borehole water.
  • A garden of your dreams will be yours. The freedom of being able to water your garden without worrying about the municipal bill is one of the many reasons to drill a borehole.

Safety should always be of utmost importance. Cholera and typhoid are diseases that can be contracted from drinking unsafe water. A Water Quality test should be done annually for anyone who uses borehole water for human or animal consumption, or who fills a swimming pool. To ensure the quality of your underground water, you should rinse your container thoroughly with water from the borehole before taking a sample.

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